Charles Francis Xavier (fruitfultempo) wrote,
Charles Francis Xavier

Monday Morning, Turning Back [RL] Charles + Finn

[Charles made a fair amount of promises to a fair amount of people; therefore, he only had himself to blame for the slow boil of hindsight that he awoke to on Friday morning. Tutoring was hard enough on the best of days. Tutoring a person from another dimension without letting them visit your own spacious mansion should qualify as an Olympic sport. People could be trusted with a great deal of things, but somehow he doubted that either party would take a surprise visit to his friends very well. At the very least, Erik wouldn't, and that was enough to put a damper in Charles' cunning plan.]

[So here he was in Lima, Ohio. Even here, standing on the doorstep of a friend's house, he felt thoughts buzzing and shifting and shaping around him. In one hand, he held a shabby briefcase. With the other, he rang the doorbell. With his mind, he reached out.]
Tags: charles xavier, charles xavier tutors the world, finn, ic, lima ohio, rl, telepathy for fun and profit, tutoring session the first
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