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Permissions Post

As you may know, Charles is telepathic. Not only that, but almost to broken levels. Instead of me tl;dring about what he can do and just leaving with a list of his abilities, I thought I'd give you an opt in tier system instead. Simply comment here with what tier you're comfortable with him reading up to!

No matter what else, he cannot read minds over the network

And on we go!

Tier system for Thought reading:

Tier 0: None at all. Either he’s being blocked on purpose, or you’ve given me no permission to thought read.

Tier 1: Basics
Can get general information of current state. For example:
/is hungry
/is tired
/is angry
/is happy

Tier 2: Deets
Can get general overview of current state. Think ‘Because of’. Typical drink orders/distracted thoughts end up here. For example:
/is hungry and wants a sandwich
/is tired because they have a test
/is angry because their boss is a dick
/is happy because they just got promoted
/is wondering what music to listen to right now

Tier 3: Deep Diving**
Can dredge up memories/specific information. If they’re projecting very loudly, he can pick up secrets here. Think pink elephant syndrome = the more you try not to think about something, the more you think about it. This is the *last* tier he’ll read without really trying. For example:
/is distracted because they’re hiding an affair
/is angry because they’re getting a divorce
/is happy because they’re going to get engaged tomorrow.
/is tired because they can’t sleep at night because they have nightmares.

Tier 4: Projection.
Speaking directly into a character’s mind. Exactly what it says on the tin. This is a strange one, because he doesn’t typically ask to do it, but he never does it without meaning to.

From this point on, Charles (or me) will *most likely* ask consent in the thread itself. However, in the interests of full disclosure, it continues like so:

Tier 5: Recall
Dredging up specific memories in order to induce a reaction. He is now actively looking around, and this can not be done unconsciously.
For example:
/finding a calm memory to help someone relax
/finding a happy memory to make someone feel better
/finding the identity of someone your character met
/finding a location where something is hidden

Tier 5: Deletion
Altering, changing, removing, or otherwise tampering with memories.
For example:
/convincing someone he isn’t there. This functions like invisibility.
/mindwipes of all shapes and sizes.

Taking over another person for a limited period of time. For simple tasks, this can be quite a lot of people at once. He can only fully possess one person at a time, and only at very close range.
For Example:
/making people freeze in place
/controlling another character's movements

In addition, Charles is capable of keeping out other peoples’ thoughts if he so desires (otherwise, how else could he sleep at night?). With normal people without telepathy, this is hardly notable. *With* telepathy, however, it becomes a shield measuring contest. He’s rather limited in this capacity, as he simply hasn’t met very many telepaths. As time goes on, his mental shields will probably increase in difficulty, but for now, if you want to barge in, ask me about it!

**For this one, if there's any *specific* secret you'd like him to make an exception for, please make a note of it in your comment.
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